URL redirect questions & answers from Googlebot

Google  have answered few basic questions from users on how to handle redirections and 404 error pages. Here are those interesting questions,

  • Recently, I did some spring cleaning on my site and deleted a couple of old, orphaned pages. They now return the 404 “Page not found” code. Is this ok, or have I confused you?
  • I was just reading your reply to Frankie above, and it raised a couple of questions.What if I have someone linking to a page that no longer exists? How can I make sure my visitors still find what they’re after? Also, what if I just move some pages around? I’d like to better organise my site, but I’m worried you’ll get confused. How can I help you?
  • I have a problem—I live in a very dynamic part of the web, and I keep changing my mind about things. When you ask me questions, I never respond the same way twice—my top threads change every hour, and I get new content all the time! You seem like a straightforward guy who wants straightforward answers. How can I tell you when things change without confusing you?
  • I am the kind of site who likes to reinvent herself. I noticed that the links to me on my friends’ sites are all to URLs I got rid of several redesigns ago! I had set up 301s to my new URLs for those pages, but after that I 301′ed the newer URLs to my next version. Now I’m afraid that if you follow their directions when you come to crawl, you’ll end up following a string of 301s so long that by the end you won’t come calling any more.
  • I know you must like me—you even ask me for unmodified files, like my college thesis that hasn’t changed in 10 years. It’s starting to be a real hassle! Is there anything I can do to prevent your taking up my lovely bandwidth?

Google presented the answers with excellent method. Looking for the answers? Oh thatz here..

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