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Kallori – Movie Review

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

Just yesterday I went to the movie kallori, a sensational venture from the Kadhal team. Once again, Balaji Sakthi Vel proved that he is looking for a seat of top class film makers of Tamil Cinema. After the smashing hit of the movie Kadhal, he took long time to present this movie to the audience. But we could understand that the amazing scripts like this really need a pain before the delivery.

Kallori is a simple story told straight away with out any twists, fights and annoying sentiments which we normally see in the movies. Story starts from the first day college life of a friends group who were all together from the schoolings. The Gang has the boys and girls’ coming from different life back grounds shows you different colors of life. The feel of friendship among the gang has been nicely portrayed in the movie.

From the first day they see a beautiful girl Shobana sitting in the class room alone by sad and not talking to any one. No one mingles with her as every body looks her in the view of a girl from high class society. Well, there is a reason told in the movie for that metro city girl to join in the government arts college of an interior village. After coming to know that, they let Shobana to join in their group and show her the feel of real friendship.

Muthu - KalloriMuthu is an athlete, who comes from poor back ground and in need to take his family up by getting job through sports quota. Once Shobhana had to go to Muthu’s home and get a chance to see his father and little sister. She realizes his struggle in life by seeing his broken sports shoe in his home. She gets a special affection on Muthu after that and wanted to encourage him to come up in life. In fact every friend does the same but Shobana affection was special to Muthu. She says to him “It’s not an achievement for me to study well and get good job as I have good family back ground where every body is educated and well settled. Itz people like you really have to read well and get good job to help your family”.

She presents a new athletic shoe and encourages him in his practice for the national event. Slowly they feel the love among them self; but poor peoples could not able to share their feelings. They all in the gang have a thought that every body should be friends for ever and should not make a bad name to their group in the name of love. This is the thing which forces both Shobana and Muthu to keep up distance between them with out expressing their love.

The script how ever lacks some excitement and makes audience to watch the movie in laid back approach. Any how the best thing I notice in this script is the scenes are not added with several sequence by breaking the story. The story goes with natural incidents with the sequence of the college life and keeps your mind watching the movie. Joswa Sridhar had done wonder ful job and the cinematography has also helped lot.

The story line the director tried all over the movie is friendship or love, but the climax does not just end up with the answer. Instead, the climax ends with a tragedy which no one expected. I have read some reviews about this movie and also peoples say that the climax does not fit for movie where every body expecting the answer for the question “friendship or love” which director conveyed all over the movie.

Yes I agree, but there was an answer for this before the tragedy incident. All the friendsTamanna - Kallori understood and accepted the love of the Shobana on Muthu when Shobana told her love to them and hence the director ended the question of “friendship or love”. All I can say is, audience should have the tragedy in the climax with the view which I say below.

Long back, an incident happened in Dharmapuri,Tamil Nadu by burning a college bus and killed three girls alive. It’s all an incident for all the peoples except the parents who affected directly on that. Only they will know the pain of the losing their daughters.

Here in the movie, Director conveyed the incident in climax and tried to make every body feel directly affected by the incident. Shobana joined college, mingle with the friends, helped Muthu, had love on him, went to tour and was enjoying. When life was going like a normal girl, she was burned alive in bus due to a political problem which is not related to her life. This is what really happened to the college girls killed in Dharmapuri. They were not just killed; they have been burned along with their joy, expectation and their dreams… (Like Shobana)

Praveen Kumar C

The above review of the movie kallori is  on my own view as a audience (especially the way of climax portrayed),  so if there is any thing to point out on this review, you can comment. All your positive or negative feedbacks on this review are welcome.