About Praveen

Hai… I am Praveen 22 years old Web Analyst from Salem. a growing city of Tamil nadu, India. I am a Google Adwords Qualified Individual, Passionate about Web Analytics, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Being an avid internet user, my goal is to build the best websites I can, and blogging is part of this. Nothing more to tell about me now, really…..

Computer-Sleep and Sleep-Computer, this is my PRESENT life. This is why friends say me I am in robotic life. I don’t mind, really don’t mind. I don’t know any thing other than my computer, internet and learn latest technologies. I don’t know where this going to end. I will update here whether i become bill gates or stand in his office gates, in futures :)

You can check my first post to know some more thing about me

Praveen Kumar C