First Coimbatore Bloggers Meet and My Preso

September 25th, 2010

“First time” I visited Coimbatore on this Sep 18th for a bloggers meet which was also seemed to happen “first time” in Kovai. The venue of this meet was a three star hotel named “Hotel Alankar” near the Kandhipuram bus stand. As a last minute decision on debuting my public speech on this meet, I prepared a quick presentation in the morning and put it on a pen drive and left Salem. That too without rehearsing for the speech. So it was a day where most of the things happened for “First times”.

The meet started exactly at 7pm with a self introductory session. Though I could see few professional/business people there, majority were the student faces. Each had different reasons for stepping into the blogging world which were like making revenue, entrepreneurship, sharing their own built softwares and so on.  But everybody there had a passion in blogging. As most of the people were new to blogging, I thought to share some useful tips to make their way to success more clear. For that I chose a topic “How To Take Your Blog To The Next Level” which I thought more appropriate for this meet. My quick born presentation was projected on the screen and I shared my thoughts for about 20 to 25 minutes, which I learned through my humble experience.

Here is that presentation of mine for those who could not make this meet.

After my preso, other bloggers also shared their own blogging experience which then continued to the delicious non veg buffet dinner. Just before the end of the meet, T-Shirts with “Blogger” logo printed in it were distributed to all the participants. The plan was to take a group photo of all wearing this T-Shirt to capture the memories. At once all changed their costume and  started to pose for the photo I was posing with the same costume. Being a wordpress fan, a non-blogger guy, and had thrown strong points to not use blogger any more during my speech, still I could wear that T-Shirt. But Shhh.. I guess I might have thought the T-Shirt wont fit my size at that time. :) lol

Flash does not work in Joomla Template? Simple Workaround

September 12th, 2009

Hey all.. Are you stuck with displaying your SWF flash file on joomla template? Some times, it displays but not functioning properly? Well, I had same issue just before writing this post. I managed to embed SWF file on header of joomla template but on click event does not work. But fixed it after some research.

It is a simple workaround to get it running and I just wanted to share that with you guys.  You know all the joomla sites will run on only one domain either or It will redirect to the original URL if you try the other one.  On this case find the actual domain that runs the joomla site. If it is then the URL you are trying to embed SWF file should with start with WWW else it should not start with WWW. Simple.. Try this. Best if luck.

Worried about MM_CASETEST4291 folder in root directory?

December 31st, 2008

Ah.. Did you find an empty folder in the root directory of your web server named “MM_CASETEST4291″?  Do not worry about that. None tried to hack your site and none created this folder. You are seeing this because you or your webmaster tried to host the web pages using dreamweaver. It is created by dreamweaver to test the connection with the server and written permssions. You may delete it and continue your works. :)